Old Flagship or New Midrange Smartphone 2021??

Flagship vs Midrange

Old Flagship Or New Midrange?

Old Flagship Or New Midrange?
For new mobile buyers the most question in their head is “Should I buy old flagship or new midrange??” . It has been the foremost asked question among new buyers. First of all it’s more confusing due to its price. Both sorts of phones are available in same price!!

*****Here old flagships are talked from 2016 to present*****

Let’s compare topic wise.

Let’s talk about camera quality. There is little question that flagship phones have best camera quality but the new midrange phones comes with new feature and camera sensor where the old flagship will have outdated features in spite of good camera quality. So, this point goes to midrange phones

old phones

mid-range phones


Secondly let’s talk about processor. For processor it depends upon company a number of the mobile company provides same processor for old flagship and new midrange. But in case of processor flagships are unbeatable. So this point goes to flagships.

Next, talking about price as we all know flagships are really expensive but here we are talking about old flagships price so there’s not much difference but still flagships are bit expensive where new midrange starts from 25000 to 35000 in same way old flagships may cost above 40000 to 50000. So this point goes to midrange.

Also, talking about software now straight goes to new midrange because the software of old flagships is outdated where new midrange has updated one.

Last but not least display!!. Actually display depends on what telephone company provides but as seen within the mobile markets it’s noticed that old flagships have better display where new midrange compromises here new midrange phone only focuses on looks.

So, observing the points it is clear that despite of good feature old flagship couldn’t be the better option. Old flagship cannot be adjusted in the competitive feature of new mobile.

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