Nepal Rastra Bank is planning to allow international payments through digital wallet!

Nepal Rastra Bank is planning to allow international payments up to 500$ through digital medium according to Governor of NRB Maha Prasad Adhikari. NRB is currently in study phase is probably going to bring out system for international payments soon.

NRB is getting to let people living in Nepal to shop for things from international e-commerce companies like Amazon, eBay etc by paying from Nepal. With this facility, People also can buy other things like Netflix Subscription, Softwares and Online Learning facilities.
But there’ll be payment limit as per recent Monetary Policy review report Point number 66.
It would be great relief for people that want to get online services and subscriptions also as who want to get goods directly from the international market if NRB facilities the international payment system. However, a number of the economic experts also are worrying about the possible declination in foreign currency reserves in our country. Meanwhile, few are also worried about the impact it would create in emerging ecommerce sites in Nepal.

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