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How To Speed Up Your Old Laptop

Hacks To Speed Up Your Laptops

Who on earth likes the slow machines? Nobody. So, Nobody can bear with the slow performing laptops. In this article, I will guide you on how to speed up your old laptop which is slow in performance.

Disclaimer – Following steps will not magically speed up your laptop but yeah it will definitely help in someways to run smoothly.

1. Add RAM

Sometimes less RAM in your laptop may be the reason for its slow performance. RAM helps your system to perform multiple tasks smoothly and efficiently. So, if you are one of those persons who have multiple tabs open on your Google Chrome browser or you do a lot of multiple tasks on your windows then you must increase your RAM. Most of the laptops have two RAM slots and if you are lucky you may have one vacant RAM slot.

In case, if your laptop doesn’t have that extra RAM slot don’t worry our next hack will help you in that.

2. Replace Your HDD with SSD

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive and SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Most of the old laptops have HDD which is a slower hard drive when comparing with SSD. Your operating systems, your files, and all other programs are stored in HDD. Since HDD is slower your laptop will take time to process it and makes your laptop slower in performance. Since SSD’s are faster than HDD, your laptop’s processor can process windows file and other system file faster which makes your laptop works faster.

3. Re-Installing Windows

Another solution to slow performing laptop is to fresh install windows on your system. Sometimes, some glitch in windows system files can make your computer slow. So, re-installing windows or other operating systems can help you speed up your old laptop. Before, re-installing windows make sure that you make a back up your files and programs.

4. Updating to Windows 10

Running the latest version of the software is always the safest and efficient way to run a system or hardware. If your old laptop is running on Windows 7 or 8 then it is advised to move to the latest Windows 10. It will help your laptop with the latest optimized apps and programs and help in boosting the speed of your old laptop or PC.

5. Optimize The Background Apps

Optimizing the background running apps can help you a lot in speeding up your old laptop which is in the slow performing stage. Go to the Task Manager and select which apps and programs to run in the background and which apps should auto starts when Windows boot. There are many apps that run in the background which are not that useful and they consume laptops’ power and make it slower. Optimizing those apps can help you make your old laptop perform better.


So these were the hack which can help speed up your old laptop. If you are facing the same problem then you must give a try to these hacks.

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