DJI FPV Drone Launch Date & Pricing

Well well well guys its an honest news for all the Drone flyers. We are becoming tremendous leaks of the new DJI FPV drone various social media platforms.

Finally, DJI is coming with its own DJI FPV Drone. I am also a DJI Drone flyer and was expecting the DJI FPV Drones for a really while . If you guys do not know what FPV drones are then it is a person View drone. Basically, FPV drones are used for drone racing and freestyle flying. And the cinematic shots you get from this FPV drone are super immersive and can’t achievable from the traditional cinema drones.

DJI FPV Drone Leaked Images
Source: Twitter / Facebook

Above is that the leaked image of the DJI FPV Drones within the retail box. Well if you look closely you’ll see the drone itself and therefore the DJI Goggles. And yes guys this is often a DJI Goggles V2. But, did you guys noticed that there’s something missing within the box? Yes, the controller is missing within the image above. It should be under the drone in another compartment of the box.

DJI Goggles V2
Source: Twitter / Facebook

DJI Googles V2 Confirmed.

DJI FPV Drone Retail Box
Source: Twitter / Facebook

Here is another image of the DJI FPV Drones retail box. This one may be a combo version and you’ll see all the components necessary to fly this DJI FPV Drone. Let’s see the drone closely and analyze the components and its parts. As rumoured on social media by DJI FPV Drones is coming with obstacle avoidance sensors and return to home feature which usually aren’t available in FPV drones.

Source: Twitter / Facebook

As we analyze the leaked image we will see the few rumoured components like an obstacle avoidance sensors. That gimbal supposedly may be a 2 axis gimbal to stabilize the footage and that we think that DJI will ad EIS for extra stable footages from the drone.

Source: Twitter / Facebook

According to another leaked information on Chinese social media, DJI FPV Drone can record in 4K 60fps and may reach up to 150kmph speed. You can also see the GPS is additionally mentioned within the post which makes a return to home feature is in real.

Source: Twitter / Facebook

Here is another leaked image of DJI FPV Drone. It seems that this image was uploaded by some DJI beta tester. You can see the traditional FPV drone and a DJI FPV Drones within the images with DJI FPV Goggles V2 and controller within the bag.

DJI PFV Drone Price.

According to another Chinese post, the worth of DJI FPV Drone was revealed as 9688 Chinese Yuan. Which on converting to USD we get USD $1467. Well guys that appear so expensive but considering we are becoming the DJI FPV Goggles V2 within the box the worth is justified.

So, this was the rumours and leaks that we get around the upcoming DJI FPV Drones. We are eagerly expecting the drone to be launched soon.

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