All The Riders Involved In Vandalizing The Pathao’s Office Will Be Suspended Forever !!!

Pathao Nepal is going to suspend all the riders who vandalize the office on Monday. The company is set to take action against a group of 50 riders who vandalized the office on Monday.

Discussions between the company and the agitating rider group had been going on for the past one week. But disgruntled riders vandalized Pathao’s office on Monday, saying their demands had not been addressed.

All the riders involved in the office vandalism will be suspended forever. Riders have been pressuring the company to reduce the commission they charge. At present, the company charges 20 percent commission from the fare paid by the passengers. The riders is demanding that the commission on ride sharing should be reduced to a maximum of 8 percent.

The week-long dispute over the issue turned violent on Monday. Ashiman Singh Basnet, regional director of Pathao, said that 21 people involved in the vandalism have been suspended so far.

According to him, the rest of the agitating riders are also being suspended by watching them through CCTV cameras. Details are being provided to the police to take action against the rider involved in the vandalism.

Basnet said that 15 riders who had been suspended earlier were also involved in vandalizing the office. Therefore, this is a completely planned attack,” Basnet said. “We had received information about this yesterday.”

“However, due to the Nepali Congress movement in different places today, only a small number of police were present as they had to be distributed everywhere,” he said.

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